Reporting Possible Violations in the Preservation Area
Question:  I see activity at a certain address in the North Meridian Street Preservation Area.  Are any MSPC approvals needed
for this work?  Have the necessary approvals been obtained?

Answer:  Contact the MSPC Chair, Shannon Norman, at Shannon.Norman@indy.gov.
Question: I have observed activity on a property that I know does not have approval.  How do I report it so the work can be

Answer:  Contact the Mayor's Action Center at 317.327.4622 (ask for your Mayor's Neighborhood Advocate for the property
address in violation) and / or contact the Chair of the MSPC, Shannon Norman at Shannon.Norman@indy.gov
Question:  Work has been completed on a property in the North Meridian Street Preservation Area that I suspect did not receive
MSPC approval.  Who do I call?

Answer:  Email: Shannon.Norman@Indy.gov first to make certain that approval was necessary and, if so, to determine if
approval was obtained from the MSPC.
Question:  Who do I call to report trash in yards, broken windows, vacant homes with problems or other environmental problems?

Answer: Call Lynne Lynch of the Marion County Health Department at 317.221.2374.
Note:  When filing a report or making an inquiry, you may ask that your identity remain anonymous to others.

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